Ruangan ASA adalah firma arsitektur yang menyediakan jasa desain arsitektur dan interior. Kami merespon tantangan dan permasalahan dengan memberikan solusi melalui desain.

Kami tidak hanya memberikan sebuah produk gambar, tapi kami menjadi sebuah partner bagi Anda dalam Mewujudkan ASA.

AK Shophouse

We were assigned to design a shophouse in Yogyakarta City. The building uses an adaptation of Indies architecture by responding to the climatic context. On the right side of the building that functions as a shop and warehouse, we use brise-soleil oriented diagonally to support air and indirect sunlight entering the space and provide shade with a thickened facade. On the right side of the building the brise-soleil is applied perpendicular to the facade. On the left, which is used as a residence, we use vertical and horizontal rhythms. Response to tropical climate and environment characterized by regulation of ventilation, lighting, and protection against rain. On the east-facing facade, there is a fairly wide opening, this room is used as a liaison and transition between residences and shops.


Ruangan ASA

Principal Architect:

Jiwangga Putra D.


Mira Annisa R, Hesti Kurniawati, Nuni Andaresta


Kota Yogyakarta, DI Yogyakarta

Site Area:

441 m2

Building Area:

1451 m2