Ruangan ASA adalah firma arsitektur yang menyediakan jasa desain arsitektur dan interior. Kami merespon tantangan dan permasalahan dengan memberikan solusi melalui desain.

Kami tidak hanya memberikan sebuah produk gambar, tapi kami menjadi sebuah partner bagi Anda dalam Mewujudkan ASA.


Candi Dukuh House

Candi Dukuh house is located in the northern part of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, occupied by a young couple. The entrance to this house is designed not to be seen directly from the outside which is responded by providing a hanging wall boundary to feel a more intense sensation when entering the house. The house is designed with a living room, dining room and kitchen as a central point, connected to each other without partition walls. Large folding glass doors are the barrier between inside and outside, creating a connection to the terrace overlooking the pool.


Candi Dukuh house consists of two floors that are classified into public and private areas. The first floor consists of a guest bedroom, service area, powder room, prayer room, meeting room and an open living, dining and kitchen area. While the second floor offers a more private area, such as the master bedroom and children’s bedroom. The master bathroom of this house consists of a large bedroom with walk-in closet and master bathroom. On this floor there is a shared balcony that communicates directly with the master bedroom and the children’s bedroom.


During the day, the roster is camouflaged in the white walls, while at night the facade is illuminated. The roster is used as a secondary skin to provide privacy and light and shadow effects indoors and outdoors, as well as being an expression of the house. The appearance of white walls and roster is combined with exposed concrete material. On the walls of the second floor, exposed concrete material combined with white iron is applied to the fence.


Ruangan ASA

Principal Architect:

Jiwangga Putra D.


Hesti K


Ben Purnomo


Sleman, DI Yogyakarta

Site Area:

377 m2

Building Area:

320 m2