Ruangan ASA adalah firma arsitektur yang menyediakan jasa desain arsitektur dan interior. Kami merespon tantangan dan permasalahan dengan memberikan solusi melalui desain.

Kami tidak hanya memberikan sebuah produk gambar, tapi kami menjadi sebuah partner bagi Anda dalam Mewujudkan ASA.


Laverde Kitchen

Laverde Kitchen

Laverde Kitchen is a project to create a space that will be center of family activity by expanding existing house on its backyard.⁣ We use classic industrial concept with climatic approach such as by adding skylight to free sunlight into the kitchen. From the kitchen we also make a little space for garden and use a plant that will be creeping up to fill the wall.⁣ The family can see through the garden from wide sliding door and got a nice feeling.⁣

The kitchen set is designed with Letter L to more flexible, the empty space in the middle will make the owner feel more free to move. The cabinet made with High Pressure Laminated and uses marmer for the top, the design is made into the kitchen island made of concrete. The walls are covered with a beautiful selection of ceramic brick backsplash in white, so it is easy to clean when exposed to food stains.

In the other side of the wall, we apply exposed bricks to make it look different and interesting. Instead of looking shabby or dirty, it feels warm and classy. Moreover, there is a wooden dining table.


Ruangan ASA

Principal Architect:

Jiwangga Putra D.


Jiwangga Putra D.


Tangerang Selatan, Banten