Ruangan ASA adalah firma arsitektur yang menyediakan jasa desain arsitektur dan interior. Kami merespon tantangan dan permasalahan dengan memberikan solusi melalui desain.

Kami tidak hanya memberikan sebuah produk gambar, tapi kami menjadi sebuah partner bagi Anda dalam Mewujudkan ASA.


Grand Villa 4.0

Grand Villa 4.0 is one of the supporting elements of Gunungkidul tourism. It has a unique concept, where the house owned by the owner, then managed and leased by management as a villa with a profit-sharing system. Built on 72 sqm land, the design concept must accommodate its identity as a home for the owner, besides that it must be a comfortable villa for tourists. On an area of ​​72 sqm, Grand Villa 4.0 can still present a mini swimming pool. The size of the pool area of ​​2.6m x 7m with finishing gray motifs on the walls and bamboo as a pool barrier to make a natural impression when swimming. It also has special access from the side with teak doors to provide access for other villa guests who want to swim while Grand Villa 4.0 is being occupied.

Located in a natural tourism area at the end of the villas area, Grand Villa 4.0 is finished with a plain white tone so that it looks contrasted between the various color combinations of nature around it. The white color also symbolizes honesty and absence, meaning that the building is only as a background of the natural wealth and culture around which is far more amazing. The bamboo in the pool is also chosen to be in harmony with the group of wild bamboo that grows to the top of the pool. Special treatment is given so that we can still feel the sensation of swimming in the bamboo forest comfortably.

Grand Villa 4.0 is dominated by white as the background of surrounding natural activities. In the afternoon, the shadow from surrounding trees that fell on the wall seemed to dance like a traditional puppet show. Let nature be the mastermind. The circle next to the building becomes an icon to see the original house in this village. This means that developing villas in the village and build. Something contrasting doesn’t mean building walls, but providing access to where residents or local people are involved starting from the planning process, building process, development, to the management of this villa. Many philosophies might make Grand Villa 4.0 more suitable to be called habitable art, than architectural work.


Ruangan ASA

Principal Architect:

Tegar Abieza


Andreas Widi


Gunungkidul, DI Yogyakarta

Site Area:

72 sqm

Building Area:

77 sqm