Ruangan ASA adalah firma arsitektur yang menyediakan jasa desain arsitektur dan interior. Kami merespon tantangan dan permasalahan dengan memberikan solusi melalui desain.

Kami tidak hanya memberikan sebuah produk gambar, tapi kami menjadi sebuah partner bagi Anda dalam Mewujudkan ASA.


Saka House

Saka House is located in the Pesawaran area, Bandar Lampung with an area of approximately 856 m2 with a front face width of 15 m and a length of 55 m. Responding to the length of the land, the mass of the building at Saka House is divided into two masses which are separated by an inner court. The facade shroud at Saka House is dominated by roster to maximize ventilation in the house.

Saka House has 2 floors; The ground floor is separated by two masses, the first mass contains two bedrooms and the second mass contains a family room, dining room, and kitchen, while the upper floor is for private rooms. The circulation space utilizes natural ventilation and sunlight to create a tropical home concept. Maximize openings in every space with large windows for rooms and using roster for maximize airflow.

The materials used in this project are dominated by concrete. Exposed materials are applied to every element of space, both in walls, floor, and plafond. The consistency of the material gives a strong characteristic to Saka’s House space.


Ruangan ASA

Principal Architect:

Jiwangga Putra D.


Pesawaran, Bandar Lampung

Site Area:

856 m2

Building Area:

453 m2